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Whether its a Sofa,
Love Seat, Sectional or your
Favorite Recliner that is
fabric covered or leather
covered, we can clean it and
also offer a protective stain
resistant coating
Leaving it Clean, Fresh
and Dries in just a few hours
Ohio. Serving Pataskala, Gahanna, Reynoldsburg, Blacklick,Baltimore,  Pickerington, Westerville, New
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Worthington, Canal Winchester, Columbus Ohio. Carpet Protector Applications, Anti Allergen
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Let us help you improve your indoor environment air quality by cleaning your carpets, upholstery
mattresses and more, reducing indoor allergens, dusts, pollutants and more.   Angie's List Rated
Learn costly carpet cleaning scams and rip-offs by reading our Consumer Awareness Guide
From Cotton fabric, Nylon, Rayon, Velvet, Olefin, dry clean only fabrics, we can clean them all.
Learn More about Upholstery Cleaning in Central Ohio by reading this web page.
Our Upholstery Cleaning involves a thorough inspection of  the Upholstery piece to be
cleaned, for any loose fabric or stitching, tears,etc . As well as for any potential
problems that may exist before cleaning.  You may see low, low price advertisements
for upholstery cleaning. (ask questions and read any fine print) These ads may offer
only a surface cleaning to the top / back of cushions and arm rests and not a true
thorough cleaning.

Average dry time is just a couple of hours, depending on the fabric
In many cases we can leave it dry by the time we leave your home
Carpet - Upholstery - Area Rug Cleaning for Central Ohio, Pataskala
Serving Pataskala and Central Ohio Since 1995
Upholstery cleaning requires far more extensive skill and knowledge
to master than carpet cleaning. There are several reasons for this.
First, the range of fabric fiber types involved is double what one
commonly finds in carpet, requiring the cleaner to have a wider
understanding of fabric cleaning technology.

Generally, most fabrics are comprised of one or of various multiple
blends of twelve different fiber types including cottons: (processed,
semi-processed, and unprocessed); or rayon; polyester; olefin;
acrylic; linen; nylon; acetate; wool; or silk. There are also a
small handful of fibers made from exotic plants or animal furs out
there as well, but they are extremely rare in America. Any other
trade names in use, such as Herculon, Acrylon, Dacron, Visa, etc.,
are merely proprietary names for blends of synthetics
already included in the list above.

Many upholstery fabrics are significantly more delicate and
sensitive than carpet fabrics, as they are sold based on comfort
and soft texture, as opposed to carpet which needs to be more
durable since we walk on it. Obviously, an ignorant cleaner can do a
lot of damage if they use an incorrect method or chemical. Further
complicating the matter of upholstery fabric cleaning is the lack of
comprehensive and accurate information being circulated. While
the major carpet manufacturing mills now proactively cooperate with
the cleaning industry to exchange information and cleaning
recommendations, the upholstery cleaning fabric makers have
been much slower to date to follow suit.

The reason for this is the extensive knowledge required by a
cleaner to properly use effective methods. One properly trained
cleaner can use the same chemistry, equipment and process as
another poorly trained cleaner and get very different results. For
this reason, many fabric manufacturers are hesitant to recommend
any process that has any potential whatsoever to cause damage in
the wrong cleaning technician's hands, so they instead largely
recommend a safe, but inferior cleaning process across the
board to limit their liability.
Your best bet is to rely on an IICRC trained and experienced
upholstery cleaning expert. Remember; the people who sell
furniture or carpet are less likely to give you accurate information.
Why? Because they are not required to have extensive day to day
skills in cleaning. As far as they are concerned, cleaning is an after
market service and therefore only a peripheral concern. For the
most part, they are only required to be good at closing sales deals
on new furniture. In most instances, they should direct your
inquiries to a certified cleaning company rather than hold
themselves out as seasoned experts qualified to give advice.