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   Breath Easier and Get a Great Nights Sleep!
 Doing Nothing Can Make Something Annoying,
                  Bad and Something Bad, Worse
Treatments for - Carpet , Upholstery, Mattresses and more!

Exposure to dust mite and pet allergen are widely accepted to be one of the most
important causes of allergic disease for many people. And, continued exposure aggravates
allergic illnesses, which can lead to the development of others.  Allergies are also risk
factors for the development of more serious, chronic and even life threatening illnesses
like asthma and sinusitis.
When a bedroom has been completely
cleaned and treated using the
Responsible Care Anti-Allergen
System, results are often seen within
the first three days, and often during
the first night!
Imagine getting a good night’s sleep
Anti-Allergen services don’t replace all the other sound Environmental Control
practices you’re already using. But by coming at the problem in a totally new and
different way the levels of allergen are radically reduced, often providing instant relief.

Dr. J Maberly, a consultant physician and allergy expert at the Airedale Health
Authority in Yorkshire England demonstrated that the use of the active ingredient in
Allergy Relief Treatment produced “significant changes in reactivity” and “markedly
improved symptoms” in his patients.

In 2002, the National Institutes of Health published the results of a 3-year study
determining that
46% of North American homes have bedding with enough dust
mite allergen to cause allergies
. Of these homes, 24% had levels that were five
times greater than the threshold to cause allergic reactions

Doctors now recommend that the most important way to reduce
symptoms, control and even prevent the development of allergies and
asthma is to avoid or minimize exposure to these indoor allergens.
Enjoy Significantly Reduced Allergen Levels
From Now On...

When properly applied, Allergy Relief Treatment provides a residual effect for up to six
months. While most users report that treatment every six months is highly effective, in
the case of severe illnesses or challenging conditions in the home, treatment may be
required every three months.

Naturally, you have to maintain a commitment to anti-allergen cleaning and treatment as
part of an Environmental Control program. That’s because, unfortunately, we can
never eliminate dust mites and often can’t part with a beloved pet. And animal allergen
can persist in the home for years even after the source has been removed, making
consistency of Environmental Control efforts a critical factor in keeping allergen levels
Not Just Effective But Affordable

Cost can often be an obstacle to reducing allergen levels. In an effort to make relief
available to as many sufferers as possible, the Responsible Care System of anti-allergen
cleaning and treatment is remarkably affordable, especially in comparison to many
expensive Environmental Control products and services.
Feel the Relief  by Reducing Levels of Dust Mite
and Pet Allergens in Your Home By 90% or More

There is now a revolutionary new anti-allergen cleaning and treatment program called
the Responsible Care System that allows you to safely, easily and affordably reduce the
levels of these serious allergens by 90% or more!

You already know that successfully managing allergic illness consists of doing
everything you can from taking your medication to practicing good Environmental
Control. The most important objective of Environmental Control is to minimize or avoid
exposure to allergens from dust mites and pets, the most potent allergens found in
indoor air. The Responsible Care System is a powerful new way to achieve
this objective.

The Responsible Care System includes specially formulated cleaning agents used prior to
application on carpets, mattresses , upholstery, rugs and bedding. Allergy Relief
Treatment is a hypoallergenic solution that contains a powerful active ingredient derived
from naturally occurring extracts found in renewable fruit and vegetable seeds.
Understanding Allergies and Asthma

Allergic illnesses develop when the body is overexposed to certain allergens. In effect,
the body programs itself to consider these normally harmless substances as illness
causing intruders to be defended against. The way the immune system guards the
body is by producing what are known as IgE antibodies.

This continued allergen overexposure not only causes the allergic illness but can also
result in the development of other ones as well as much more serious, chronic and
even life threatening allergic diseases.

Allergens are proteins that have unique shapes that identify them as allergens to the
antibodies in the immune system. The allergen is like a lock and the antibody is like a
key that fits only that lock. The body’s IgE antibodies are constantly on the lookout
for the presence of the allergen they were created in response to, sort of like keys
floating around the immune system looking for the locks they were created to fit.

When these antibody “keys” find a repetitive pattern of allergen “locks”,
the body defends against these perceived intruders by the antibodies
binding with the allergen, much like inserting a key into a lock. This sets
off a chemical reaction designed to protect the body from infection. This
rush of chemicals into the body is what is experienced as an allergic
reaction or asthma attack.
Allergy Relief Treatment is a very safe, simple and highly effective way of
changing the shape of allergen proteins, making them unrecognizable to the
body! Nothing about the allergen changed except its shape. So, when this
shape is changed, there is no repetitive pattern that identifies the material as
an allergen and therefore, there is no allergic reaction!
Another way of looking at it is that Allergy Relief Treatment disassembles or
takes apart the allergen locks. In a very real way, the lock is still there. Only
now it is in the form of its component parts rather than an assembled lock.
Because allergens no longer appear as a “lock” to the body, the antibody “key”
does not bind with them and there is no allergic reaction! This changing of
the shape of the allergen protein is known as denaturing and has been proven
by Professor T.A.E. Platts-Mills, Head of the Division of Allergy and
Clinical Immunology at the University of Virginia.

“(Allergy Relief Treatment) was shown to have denaturing effects on Fel d 1
(Cat), Can f 1 (Dog), Der p 1 (Dust Mites), and Der f 1 (Dust Mites) in dust
samples containing these allergens.”
   P. Brock Williams, Ph.D. Director of Research IBT
                                                                    Reference Laboratory Lenexa, KS
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