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Scented Odor Block  - Great for the Car, RV or Boat!

This Months Featured Product.
These 2 1/2” solid bad odor blocks act as natural wicks to suck
odors right out of the air! Most effective when placed between
shelves, in small rooms, furnace plenum, duct system
registers. These are great to place in your vehicle too. We
highly recommend them during times of year with the high
humidity levels. Great to use in damp basements (We use
these when drying out wet basements) Great to use on
Rental Property Restorations as well!   Available in Vanilla,

Currently on Sale! - $4.99each
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
The Most Thorough Cleaning You've
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Perky Spotter - A Great Multi-purpose
spotter for those unexpected mishaps.
Great for Carpets, Upholstery and your
cars interior. Available in 8oz bottle and
1 Gallon jug.
1 Gallon Jug - $39.99
8oz bottle -$8.99
Odor Fogger:  Can Be Used As a Spray or Locked Position as an odor bomb

The ultra fine mist of this product enables it to reach tiny crevices and pockets that are missed
by regular aerosols. The 360 degree wide dispersion valve sprays in any position... under car
seats, under furniture and many other hard to reach places. You can decontaminate an entire
vehicle interior in just a few seconds.

The Odor Fogger can be used to spray directly on a surface or as an environmental bomb. The
special formula seeks out and destroys odors on contact. This is especially well suited for
treating car interiors, hotel rooms, offices and homes.

The Fogger can even be used to treat ventilation systems. Turn the system on recirculate, and
spray under the dash near the air intakes. It will immediately pass through the vents.
12oz Aerosol: $16.95
Inspection Blacklight: Find those pet spots, that Spot has been leaving!

Instantly see urine stains when the naked eye cannot detect them! It's amazing and scary
at the same time. See all the spots you missed and finally eradicate the odor. If you
cannot see the spots, you cannot eliminate them.

Once the spot has been revealed, use our Un-Duz-It Pet Odor Eliminator to destroy the
bacteria and the odor, permanently.

Our simple, but indispensable odor removal accessory can perform many detecting jobs.
Use it to check hand stamps, reveal bacteria, confirm antique glass, and our personal
favorite... use it to hunt for scorpions at night in the desert (eek!) Urine detection works
on any surface including carpet, upholstery, concrete, tile, and sheet rock. The Black
Light will detect both old and new urine spots.

The handheld black light measures 6". The average life of the black light bulb is up to
5000 hours. (Requires (
4) AA batteries, not included)
Inspection Light $24.95
Home Pro Spotter  - This is our Private Label Multi
Purpose spotter. This is a great product to have at
home, the office or in the car. Effectively remove
spots and spills right when they happen.  Available
in 8oz bottles
8oz Bottle - $6.95
Un-Duz-It - Pet Odor Treatment
Un-Duz-It catalyzes enzymes and complex organic
substances to neutralize smells generated by decomposing
organic matter and related staining. This formulation
actually digests and naturally destroys the odor-causing
bacteria that drives odors. Available in 2 part 8oz package
for pre-treating and enzyme application. And available in
1 Gallon (enzyme only) for larger decontamination
situations. We recommend using the inspection blacklight to
find the source of any pet contaminations that you can't see
8oz Kit $19.95
1Gallon $39.95
Absorb-A-Stain and Absorb-A-Spill works Like a
thousand tiny sponges. These amazing products soak up
as much as 75% of their own weight in liquid. Both
Absorb-A-Stain and Absorb-A-Spill dispell the remnants
of pet accidents and other spills from carpet and
upholstery, then odor-controlling agents erase offensive
smells - particularly those odors left by pet urine!
Absorb-A-Spill 1.5lb
Sprinkle Jar
Absorb-A-Stain 12lb
Scoop Jar
Leather Masters Consumer Cleaning Kit
Properly maintain your Leather Upholstery. Leather Masters
cleaning products are recommended by hundreds of leather
tanneries. Kit is developed for cleaning Analine and Protected
Leather Cleaning Kit $29.95
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