Consumer Awareness Information
Consumer Awareness

You've seen the carpet cleaning advertisements. Incredibly
low prices per room. Whole house specials for under $90.
Prices ranging from $5.95 to $16.95 a room. Amazing prices on upholstery
cleaning. Prices that sound to good to be true. If you don't read the FINE
PRINT on these ads, you may end up paying much, much more to have
your carpeting cleaned than what you originally expected to pay with the
advertised price. Sometimes paying more than what a true, competent,
professional cleaning firm would charge. We're going to uncover these
gimmicks, to help you be more informed and to help you make a more
informed, intelligent decision when choosing a carpet cleaning firm.
We offer this area to educate business owners and home owners about the
Carpet Cleaning Industry and also to inform them on how to choose a
competent, professional, cleaning firm.

Remember, providing a QUALITY, Professional Service takes time, training
and extensive investments. It's not possible to offer a Quality service at a
ridiculously low prices
Don't Fall Victim to bait and switch advertising or low, low prices.
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