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Most people spend about 1/3 of their lives
in this thing they call their bed. Being
human, our dead skin cells continue to
shed from our bodies at a rate of about
the size of a dollar bill per day. Over a
short period of time, our beds become
full of dead skin cells that become food
for our little friends called dust mites.  
(If you don’t believe me try this little test and find out for
your selves.) Take your vacuum hose or a Shop-Vac and put a
black piece of material over  the end of your hose and vacuum
the top of your mattress for about 30 seconds.

Don’t feel bad on what you find because this is what is
happening in all the areas where we spend most of our lives.
Well, now it’s time to think about cleaning your bed, and it goes deeper
than flipping the mattress or changing the sheets. According to the
Center for Disease Control, a used mattress can have anywhere
between 10,000 to 10 million dust mites in it. And you’re sleeping with
them every night.
These microscopic pests feed on shed skin and belong in the same order as
spiders. Modern amenities such as climate control and wall to wall carpeting
provide favorable conditions for a thriving population of dust mites. They can be
found in your clothes, upholstered furniture and carpet, but their favorite place is
your bed. Although they do not bite or sting, they can make life pretty
uncomfortable for you or any of your family members who suffer from allergies
or asthma. Because human homes provide such prime living conditions for dust
mites, they reproduce quickly and are a perpetual source of allergens. Dust mites
can irritate those who suffer from asthma, rhinitis, conjunctivitis and dermatitis.
It’s actually the dust mite’s waste, not the actual mite, which contains the antigens
(a protein ) which trigger allergy attacks. Keeping the number of dust mites in
your home to a minimum can dramatically affect your family’s health.
You wash your sheets weekly, you shower
and wash your clothes daily, you vacuum
and dust weekly. You clean your
bathroom and kitchen weekly

How Often Do You Clean
Your Mattress ?
Allergies resulting from dust mites may include wheezing or tight chest, itchy or
watery eyes, blocked nose passages, sneezing, asthma, sinus symptoms, eczema,
night-time coughing for no reason and hay fever. Would you believe that dust mite
excrement and skin particles can equal up to a pound per year in a mattress?
Even if you don’t have allergies but value a clean home, dust mites should be at the
top of your hit list. Dust mites cannot be killed by bleach or soaps and you can
never completely rid your home of these creepy crawlers, but following these
suggestions can offer significant relief from allergies and provide the satisfaction of
having a cleaner, healthier home.
  • Wash clothing, bedding and any washable covers on furniture weekly in         
    hot water.
  • Clean your mattress, pillows, and upholstered furniture on a regular basis.
  • Use Anti-allergen treatments for your bed, upholstery, carpet and laundry.
  • Keep the ambient humidity below 60%. It slows down mite reproduction.
  • Dust regularly and beat throw rugs and pillows outside frequently.
  • Replace pillows every few years.
  • Use a vacuum with HEPA filtration.
We now offer a Mattress Cleaning Service that now only helps clean and freshen your
mattress, it will help reduce the amount of dust mites and their waste particles. We first
provide a deep dry vacuuming of the mattress to remove dry skin, dust mite particles and
other pollutants. Your mattress then will be treated and cleaned with a new revolutionary
anti-allergen cleaning and treatment program called the Responsible Care® System that
allows us to safely, easily and cost effectively reduce the levels of these serious allergens by
90% or more!

 Click Here
For more information regarding the Responsible Care Anti Allergen treatment
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